I believe that many parents have experienced the children's enthusiasm for "playing the house". This kind of cosplay game imitating adults almost runs through most of children's preschool game time. Children experience the world of adults "like learning" through observation and imagination, in the form of games, so as to satisfy themselves of curiosity.


This imitation process allows children to learn and recognize quickly, not only to be happy, but also to exercise observation, memory, imagination, language communication skills and hands-on execution skills. Therefore, it is really harmless for children to play house, and it is also very important to buy a toy that will never tire of playing.


What I recommend to you today is a wooden kitchen toy set that can make children fall in love at first sight

Introduction of kitchen toys

A proper companion toy, play house artifact. Kitchen supplies such as pots and pans are readily available, and children can use it to imitate the steps that mothers need to cook. The whole is small and exquisite, not very heavy, the child can move it around by himself, and it is very convenient to carry when going out. The child can play for a day at home by himself, and the old mother who is chatting will no longer have a headache. She can completely free her hands and sit on the side and be a bower.

This all-solid wood tabletop small kitchen is different from ordinary mass-produced toys. This all-solid wood small kitchen toy is all hand-polished. From the inside to the outside, all the details are perfect, which is really meticulously crafted. Full of humanity and ingenuity, full of warmth from the inside out

kitchen toy design

Although it seems to be just a single game toy, the designer has also tried his best to think about how to make the splicing not monotonous, how to look more delicate, how to polish it more smoothly, and so on. In order to make it more comfortable and easy for children to use, the designers did not let go of the corners and corners, and carefully studied it. It delivers results that exceed expectations, while remaining beautifully practical and safe.


The toy wood is hard, not easy to crack and deform, and it is super durable. The clear wood texture is fresh and natural. Even if it is not used as a toy for children, it is very stylish in the home.


Accessories for kitchen toys

The complete set of accessories is beyond imagination, and almost all the utensils needed for cooking are included!

Although it is made of wood, it is very enjoyable to play. The design of toys and real details is very realistic, bringing a more realistic experience than ordinary toys.

Simulating the wooden toys of every family can let children experience the joy of cooking, cultivate children's storage habits, let children experience it by themselves, and also stimulate children's fun. It contains a variety of kitchen utensils, whether it is washing vegetables, cooking, soup, and seasoning, all of which really make children happy.


If you think this toy is not bad, then quickly give your child a set! There are more cosplay playsets to come and learn about!