Lost City - Allows you to weild Dragon Long/DDS. Monkey Madness - Lets You weild D-Scimmy. Heroes Quest - Allows You to weild D-Battleaxe & D-Mace. Tears of Guthix - Allows you to get totally free EXP in your cheapest Non-Cbt skill every 7 Days. Lunar Diplomacy - Lets You begin using Lunar Magicks. Fremmenik Trials - Allows you to wear Fremmenik Helms ( archer, farseer, berserker, warrior ) Fremmenik Isles ( Requires F-Trials ) - Allows You to OSRS gold wear helm of neitiznot, fantastic str & pray bonus. Probobly 90 percent of these listed above will not be accesable for you when you receive membership, You will have to complete other minor quests & Gain levels in associates skills until you can start the majority of the above. I am not saying put a goal and go for all these, I'm saying they are beneficial quests for the long run. Skills & ...

Hunting - Its pretty easy to level and can get 99 in 6 weeks. Red chinchompas (64 Hunter) Sell well. Slayer - Becomes beneficial once It's 65+, You can then kill dust devils ( Dragon chain Drops ). Fletching - Eventually make yew longbows ( And alch them ) Much like magical Longbows.

Runecrafting - Buy 44+ To earn nature runes ( for alching bows with fletching ) Creating the character runes yourself and fletching the bows yourself is a really good way to make a profit out of skilling. Farming - Eventually becomes rewarding in the run long and may be used together with herblore to eventually earn a gain ( from herblore ) But today the herblore porift is extremely minor Herblore - Cheap way to do herblore is to complete the quest which permits you to make serum 207 ( I forget the quest ) This potion, in complete, prices around 300gp to create just one ( where as other potions price around 3k+ to create ). This is a inexpensive way to level herblore.

Well, I have now lost the energy to sort. Remember, You will need to level alot of membership skills before you can do some of the quests or wear some of the items I've listed previously, Most of my listing is for the very long term before you, A little into your membership Life. Hope I helped, I am Out.

You should acquire abyssal whip, it is that the"fundamental" weapon in members, costing about 1,5M and needing 70 assault. For cash, go into 19-23 wilderness with dragonfire shield, in eastern wildy is green dragon pit, kill people for hides and Old School RuneScape Gold bones. For ring slot, buy ring of wealth, to boost rare drops, amulet is glory amulet, until you get 3,3M for fury amulet, cape ought to be obsidian cape at first, for boots, buy dragon for 370k or rune for 40k.